CodeRush, ReSharper, Visual AssistX

Hmmmmm…CodeRush and ReSharper…It seems like these are the only 2 products people think about when they want that all super powerful addon that’s supposed to quadruple their productivity.

I think people just look at the feature chart and say wow, ReSharper and CodeRush have hundreds of features!!! I’m going to be so much more productive now!

I’ve tried both and there are features I like from both products. For example, ReSharper’s find references is extremely useful because you can filter by read-only or writeable. I’m also a big fan of all the visual cues that CodeRush adds to the editor.

But…neither of them have the 1 feature Visual AssistX I like most: Partial Names IntelliSense.

What’s that? Let’s say you have SomeMethodWithAReallyLongName. If you type “really” with VAX’s intellisense, that method appears in the list. Originally I thought that was a nice feature, but it can’t be that useful. But then I was fortunate (or unfortunate is probably more accurate) to get to work with MSHTML. Now I have 1 humongous namespace with around 100 different types. Sometimes it’s called TextRange and other times it’s called TxtRange. Some have the HTML prefix, and others don’t.

When was the last time you could only remember a part of a method name?