Fixing ReSharper 5 EAP Missing Colors

I think anyone’s who has used ReSharper for an extended period of time has experienced the colors disappearing all of a sudden from Fonts & Colors. This is excruciatingly annoying when I have a dark color scheme set up and the colors disappear on me.

In the case of RS5, it seems even more flakey than RS4, and installing/uninstalling other addins have a pretty high probability of losing the colors, and this time, repairing the installation doesn’t fix the problem (nor does the registry restore trick).

For me, to fix the problem I had to:

  • Uninstall RS5.
  • Install RS4.5
  • Open VS!!!
  • Go into settings, and verify all the colors are in Fonts & Colors.
  • Upgrade to RS5.

If you skip opening VS, it will not restore colors…at least it didn’t when I tried it. Following the above fixed it for me in 2 occasions already. If Jetbrains sees this blog post, PLEASE fix this extremely annoying bug.