Memory Leak with WPF’s RichTextBox

Apparently, setting IsUndoEnabled to false isn’t enough. You must also set UndoLimit=0 as well otherwise it’ll still keep track of undo history. Doh!
Yet Another Weak Event Implementation

I gotta say that WPF is a complete pain in the butt when it comes to memory leaks. A simple google/bing search shows up more than enough results for weak events, so why am I making yet another blog post about another implementation of a weak event? Well, if someone else out there happens to have the same requirements/needs that I do right now, maybe this will save them a little time. Read on...
Contextual Lifestyle with Castle Windsor

EDIT: As of version 3, scoped lifestyles are now a first class citizen supported out of the box ( EDIT: A much better implementation can be found at IMO, one of the big missing features of Castle Windsor is that it doesn’t come with a built-in way for dealing with contextual lifestyles.  It handles transients and singletons fairly well, but once you get to other lifestyles it’s pretty heavily dependent on having some “state manager” handling the instances.  For example, PerWebRequest uses the HttpContext, PerThread uses thread static variables, etc. Read on...
Forcing Castle Windsor to Generate Class Proxies

I don't know why it took me so long to come up with this idea, but to save others potential headaches...have you ever thought "hmmmm, I registered this as an interface with an implementation, but I want Windsor to use a class proxy, not an interface proxy, how do I do that?" For me, initially I almost went as far as implementing my own ProxyFactory to force it to use class proxy no matter what, and then the light bulb hit me and it turns out that there's a much easier way to accomplish this. Read on...
How to Advocate Test Driven Development (TDD)

It seems that everywhere you read you will find blog posts asserting that it is difficult to convince others to use TDD, and that everyone talking about TDD is already a believer preaching to other believers.  So what's the best way convince others? I recently convinced a good buddy of me to starting doing TDD in his web development.  It took a while, but finally he "saw the light."  He tried to relay the information to his coworker, and his coworker didn't react as positively, citing the common "I don't want to waste time writing test code when I know my stuff works." Read on...